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For over 10 years, we’ve been delivering customized IT solutions to small and mid-sized businesses and helping them grow their businesses. Having worked with [# of clients] to solve obstacles hindering their growth, Emagin has accumulated a powerful set of expertise and know-how in information technology services. Our multifaceted team of IT specialists and their collective background of business operations, from marketing and sales to pricing and data analysis, can help you solve any problem your business might have.

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A well-developed website can help you form a good impression on your prospective customers. It can also help you nurture your leads and get more conversions. But, more importantly, it provides good user experience and helps your website visitors access and navigate your website with ease.

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our story

Talking with an IT professional shouldn’t be difficult, but oftentimes it is. They give a ton of technical jargon and leave you more confused than when you first walked in to your meeting, unsure if this “IT pro” understood what you needed. You don’t know what you’re getting and you don’t trust your IT personnel to give it to you straight and be honest about what you’re paying for, or what you actually need.

That’s not the experience you should have. You deserve a team who will listen to your business problems, and develop IT solutions that fit your needs. And luckily, we have experience doing just that.

How We Started

More than ten years ago, Ebrahim Abdulsattar, our founder, was a bright Muslim teenager from Yemen newly enrolled at Omaha Westside High School, who suddenly needed a place to live. He earned the opportunity to be a part of an exchange program because of his intelligence and aptitude for information technology. Ebrahim was incredibly smart, in the top three of his class, and not really sure to expect in America. What he found was he hated apple pie and loved computers.

Ebrahim was welcomed with open arms into an Omaha community, a host family that treated him like a grandson, and a high school of new friends that absorbed him into their circles. When Ila Dean, Embrahim’s surrogate g-ma, supported him during his time in the exchange program, he asked if he could pay her back.

She simply said: Do this for someone else.


What sets us apart from other IT companies, is empathy… We get to know you and what your pain points are and will be there right with you every step of the way.

We’re here to change IT and support the ideator and visionaries who want to build something great in their business.

No more feelings of defeat from CMOs that didn’t get the solution they were hoping for. Your team deserves a team who wants to bridge the gap between IT and your business. We are here to rebuild the trust with IT solutions and help business owners feel confident that they’re not only taken care of but they can really take a breath. Emagin is full of visionaries ready to develop solutions to help you grow your business and build something powerful, together.

what is emagin technology?

We’re here to bridge the gap between business owners and IT professionals.

By implementing this CRM, you can focus your employees on what’s important right now: stabilizing your business, reopening, and Emagin Technology was founded with the goal of serving small to medium businesses who were experiencing rapid growth, but not able to address all of their IT needs with an internal hire. Typically what we see is that medium businesses attempt to source IT services from multiple providers, and what they get is a less than cohesive IT experience. Without one point of contact to turn to for overarching support or advice on resolving company-specific challenges, it’s hard to work proactively and develop the right solutions for growth.
Emagin Technology can help you stay ahead of the IT curve by providing the right guidance on what systems and infrastructure you need to implement, and what tailored IT solutions will solve your business problems. We ignite growth in small to mid level businesses and provide ongoing support after implementation back to delivering exceptional customer experiences

here’s how we do it:

Identify individual needs, pain points, and IT history of your business

Integrate you into our systems

Grow your business with a customized solution