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Enterprise Resource Planning | Emagin Technology


One system to rule them all.

Help your business perform better.

Enterprise resource planning technology can put you ahead of the competition by not only helping you enhance employee performance, but also offering opportunities for better customer engagement.

ERP helps you stay organized and efficient.

Having one system to bring all your business processes together will improve collaboration, help your company make data-driven decisions, and advance business productivity.

Streamline productivity with revolutionized workflow visibility.

Coordinating between multiple worksites (national and international, and timezones can take a lot of time and effort. If there is an issue abroad or a needed update on a specific part of your business, it could set back your entire business while you made endless phone calls and site visits.

Guide decision with accurate data.

ERP solutions use business intelligence (BI) tools to provide data collection, analytics, and reporting methods. There are even ways to analyze data in real-time to make instant changes to your production processes. Using historical data for business forecasting, you can control where you want your business growth to go.

Protecting your company from fraudulent practices is more important than ever.

Your company handles a lot of sensitive data. Using a single ERP system provides security by keeping all your important documentation and communication in one place. If your business operates online in any way, you can be at risk. Real-time risk management tools give your company additional security by performing automated audits and fraud monitoring.


1. Get a consultation with us and we’ll evaluate your current needs.

2. We’ll implement your best ERP options based on the systems you’ve integrated.

3. Maximize your ERP to its full potential and confidently optimize your business.


Having multiple systems in place is useful and necessary for the running of your business, but it can be overwhelming, if you don’t have an adequate enterprise resource planning (ERP) system (one system to rule them all). As your business grows, the workload also grows exponentially. You might try and make-do with spreadsheets and e-mail, but eventually the tediousness of manual logistics will take its toll. Being unable to keep up with customer demand could derail your business during a key growth phase. We help you avoid this detrimental derailing and keep growing by advising you on your best ERP options. We implement it for you and train you on how to maximize it to its full potential, so you can confidently monitor and optimize every aspect of your business.


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