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we help solve your business problems

Our team of specialists is relentless in providing data-driven solutions to take your business to the next level.


These partners, and more, trust Emagin Technology to solve their business problems with IT solutions.

what our clients say about us

Our team is here to work with people, for people.

What sets us apart from other IT companies, is empathy… We get to know you and what your pain points are and will be there right with you every step of the way.

KOVUS, Amanda Kohler

“Emagin Technology did an excellent job understanding our business, evaluating options and helping put together a suite of technologies including a CRM that would meet our needs.”

Nox-Crete, Lori Reid

“Ebrahim was an invaluable asset as we transitioned from an antiquated legacy system to a complex cloud-based ERP. His willingness to take the time to understand our business and our needs allowed us to get up and running more quickly and more efficiently than expected. Ebrahim’s expertise coupled with his patient, confident demeanor led our team through a challenging process!”


Let’s build something powerful, together.

Get a consultation with us and we’ll evaluate your current needs.

We’ll implement the best software options based on your business problems.

Maximize your business growth to its full potential and confidently optimize your business.


We’re more than your average IT company

Our knowledge goes far beyond CRM systems and salesforce consulting. When you work with Emagin, you not only gain the guidance to choose what systems and infrastructure are right for your company, but you also receive the support needed to implement those solutions and the support to make sure they keep working.


We are helping businesses gain visibility into their data and extract the right information to make smart decisions. We focus on providing implementation and consulting services for the marketing leaders in the Data Visualization and Enterprise Business Intelligence sector.

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Installation of new networks or maintenance of networks available to customers and upgrade, and the necessary settings for the main server (server). We Provide the best.

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We work with clients to transform their businesses by building fully integrated systems that support marketing, sales, pricing, order fulfillment, customer service, accounting and other functions. Our services include general consulting, Salesforce implementation, virtual Salesforce support and custom development.

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about us

emagin technology

Technology is a language.

We’re here to help you speak it.

Talking with an IT professional shouldn’t be difficult, but oftentimes it is.

They give a ton of technical jargon and leave you more confused than when you first walked in to your meeting, unsure if this “IT pro” understood what you needed. You don’t know what you’re getting and you don’t trust your IT personnel to give it to you straight and be honest about what you’re paying for, or what you actually need.

That’s not the experience you should have. You deserve a team who will listen to your business problems, and develop IT solutions that fit your needs. And luckily, we have experience doing just that.