Make the most of your CRM investment with an implementation and optimization partner.

CRM implementations – especially complex ones – easily fail and often don’t address the comprehensive scope of your CRM’s abilities, leaving money on the table. But, it is possible to beat the odds.

Emagin Technology is a Certified Silver Salesforce Partner that embraces the complex needs of your sales, marketing and operations teams so you can work better together in one, unified system without a mess down the road.

Emagin Technology helps you take control of your CRM, ensuring you get your money’s worth.

THE PROBLEM: The CRM you chose is actually the wrong tool for your needs

INSTEAD: Emagin Technology thoroughly assesses all of your business needs and systems upfront in order determine the ideal solution for your unique business processes.

THE PROBLEM: Customization is Set up Improperly Without Consideration for Long-Term Success 

INSTEAD: One of the most common pitfalls of CRM implementation is that excitement surrounding its arrival leads to a rushed, non-optimized implementation process. We set you up for short AND long-term success.

THE PROBLEM: Messy Data Migration Leaves You With a Lack of Insights (And a Migraine…)

INSTEAD: Find (don’t lose!) the golden gems in your existing data and structure your information to be actionable.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Hear what some of our satisfied clients have to say:

“Emagin Technology did an excellent job understanding our business, evaluating options, and helping put together a suite of technologies…that would meet our needs.”

Amanda Kohler,  Kovus

Pittsburg, KS

“[Emagin Technology] was an invaluable asset as we transitioned from an antiquated legacy system … willingness to take the time to understand our business and our needs allowed us to get up and running more quickly and more efficiently than expected.”

Lori Reid, President Job Nox-Creet

Omaha, NE

Together, we can unlock the true potential of your CRM and, as a result, your business.

Build Your Buyers' Journey

Losing track of opportunities?

Struggling with follow-up?

Successful implementation of the right CRM, paired with the right automation empowers your team to eliminate time-wasters and focus on growing the business.

An Extension of Your Team

Emagin Technology becomes an extension of your team. We walk you through the best options for your business needs and are here to support you every step of the way – from scoping to development, deployment, training, and support.

Drive Decisions with Data

Your CRM can be a bountiful source for data-driven decision-making. Emagin Technology works with you to organize your CRM data in a way that answers your most important questions, and makes them readily available is user-friendly dashboards and reporting.

CRM Integrations Meet All of Your Needs

Address the holistic needs of your business upfront, ensuring your CRM is an effective part of or ‘single source of truth’ in your business’ technology stack with integrations with and configuration of the below and more.


Enterprise resource planning is an important element of any business’s CRM processes.

Inventory Management

Full integration with your current inventory management systems allows for a superior level of insight.

HR & Accounting Systems

Keep track of your finances and your people with HR and Accounting systems built in alignment with your CRM.

BI & Dashboards

Gain 24/7 access to the real-time insights you need to make critical business decisions.

Our Clients

Emagin Technology has supported the following businesses through successful technology implementations.

We’ve honed our skills in these

speciality industries.


We work with manufacturing partners on building united systems to meet the needs of their full operation in one united technology stack. From CRM and ERP integrations to customer invoicing and revenue attribution, much like a manufacturing process, there are a lot of moving parts. However, they know they can rely on Emagin Technology for smooth operations. 


Let us build something to help you build better. Our construction clients are hard at work on job sites while we’re working hard to optimize their CRMs, allowing for comprehensive tracking of leads and an overall more efficient operating process for their business. From Bid Management to Project Management we work to crate one united tech stack.


Your CRM is a major investment.

Have confidence in your decision.

How do I know which CRM is right for my business?

Your CRM is a powerful tool. However, choosing the wrong one for your business can have major impact on your business. Emagin Technology is a neutral third party with deep knowledge of industry-leading CRMs such as Salesforce. We consider your holistic business needs and then deliver a recommendation based on your unique business needs so you feel confident in your investment.

How do I avoid business disruption while I deploy a new CRM or make changes to an existing one? 

CRMs can be implemented around your existing business systems and processes or serve as a tool for implementing new ones. Emagin Technology considers your existing operations and works with you to minimize disruption during deployment and updates.

How will my CRM get data from my existing systems?

Data migration is a crucial step to get correct from the start. Emagin Technology assesses your existing data sources then creates a plan for successfully migrating meaningful data over to your new system, mitigating data loss and addressing data quality upfront.

How long will a new CRM deployment take?

A CRM deployment timeline depends on your unique business needs and the level of complexity and integrations that must be addressed upfront. It is common for the process to take around six months. However, the process can be done in increments to minimize the impact on your day-to-day operations.

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